How To Manage Google Notifications

How To Manage Google Notifications

ybSync creates Google calendar entries for the Axosoft data that you have elected to sync.  You can learn more about how to manage what data ybSync syncs for you in How To Manage User Sync Settings. In this post you will learn how to manage the Google notifications that ybSync adds to your Google calendar entries when it creates them.

To begin login in to ybSync and go to your dashboard using the link in the main menu.


I am displaying the administrator’s dashboard.  If you are not an administrator you will have fewer options on your dashboard but have the same sync settings.  Click on the Manage Google Notifications link in the Manage User Settings section of the dashboard.


This is the screen that displays your Google notifications and allows you create new notifications and edit or delete existing notifications.  Clicking the delete links allows you to delete a notification and clicking the edit link allows you to edit a notification.  Editing a notification is very similar to creating a new notification.  To create a new Google notification click on the Create New link near the top of the screen.


You have the ability to create notifications for each of the different Axosoft fields that you can sync with ybSync.  The first drop down on the page allows you to select which Axosoft field you would like to create a notification for.  Selecting Bug Due Date tells ybSync that you would like to have a notification created for each calendar entry that ybSync creates for bug due dates in Axosoft.  Days before tells ybSync what day to create the notification on.  When days before is 1 ybSync creates a notification for one day before date of the calendar entry.  Notification Time is the time of the notification.  There are two methods of notification, pop-up and email.  Clicking on the create button creates the new notification.  ybSync will create new notifications the next time the sync engine runs.

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