Manage User Sync Settings

Manage User Sync Settings

In this post I will explain how to manage your sync settings in ybSync.

ybSync gives you the ability to fine tune which date fields get synchronized with your  Google calendar.

To begin login to ybSync and go to your dashboard.



I am displaying the administrator’s dashboard.  If you are not an administrator you will have fewer options on your dashboard but have the same sync settings.  Click on the Manage Sync Settings link under the Manage User Settings heading.

Manage User Sync Settings


Your sync settings are broken up into the three types of items that Axosoft manages for you.  The names of the items may be different from yours because the names are configurable by your Axosoft administrators.  The first check box for each of the items tells ybSync to only sync items that are assigned to you.  Items that are not assigned to you or not assigned to anyone will not be synced if this check box is checked.  The rest of the check boxes allow you to pick which dates get synced to your Google calendar.  Clicking the save button saves your changes.  Your changes will be reflected the next time the ybSync engine runs.

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