How to Sync Axosoft with Google Calendar

How to Sync Axosoft with Google Calendar

In this post I will show you how to sync data from Axosoft with Google calendar using

This post will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Enable API access  in Axosoft
  2. Create a ybSync account
  3. Connect your account to Axosoft
  4. Connect your account to Google Calendar
  5. Configure your account to synchronize the data you want from Axosoft

The first step is to enable API access to your Axosoft account.  ybSync will use the Axosoft API to read your Axosoft data.  Log on to your Axosoft software as a user with admin privileges and select Tools -> System Options from the menu.

Axosoft System Settings

Click on Axosoft API Settings on the menu on the left.

Axosoft Allow API Access


Click on the Enable API check box if it is not already checked.  Axosoft API access is now enabled.

The second step is to create your ybSync account.  To create your account click on the Create Account link from the homepage.



Fill in the form and click the register link.

Next you will need to connect to Axosoft.

Connect To Axosoft


Enter the URL of your Axosoft application and click the Connect button.  The URL if often something like

You will be prompted to sign in to your Axosoft account.

Axosoft Sign In


Enter your user name and password and click the Sign In button.


Axosoft Allow Access



After successfully signing in, you will be asked to grant ybSync read only access to your Axosoft data.  Click the Allow button.

Edit User


After granting ybSync access to you Axosoft data you will need to let ybSync know which Axosoft user to connect your account to.  ybSync gives you the option to only sync items that are assigned to you.  When this option is used, ybSync uses this account to determine which items to sync.  The Is Admin checkbox is checked because the first account created for a company is always an administrator.  The administrator is allowed to create users for the company and to pay for user licenses.  Active users count toward  a company’s user license count.  Inactive user’s data is not kept in sync.  Sync Data allows ybSync to sync your data.  If you deselect this check box your data will not be synced.  You can also turn this on and off on the dashboard.

Select an Axosoft User and click the save button.



The next screen tells you that the next step is to connect your Google Account.  ybSync needs access to your Google Account to add calendar entries.



Next you will choose a google account.  Log in or click on the account you wish to sync with Axosoft.

Allow Google Offline AccessClick Accept to grant ybSync offline access to your google account.



The next screen allows you to manage your google settings.  You can select which calendar you want to have ybSync use.  You can also select the color of the entries that ybSync creates for you.  Select your calendar and calendar color and click the save button.






This is your account dashboard.  The top of the dashboard tells you that your account is scheduled for syncing.  You can turn off syncing by clicking the Turn Off Syncing link.  The Axosoft account section allows you to change the URL of your Axosoft software.  The Google account section allows you to change which google account ybSync uses and to change the color of the entries ybSync creates for you.  The ybSync Plan allows you to modify the number of licenses you have.  ybSync uses Stripe to process it’s payments.   Manage users allows the administrator to add new users to the accounts after user licenses have been purchased.  Manage User Settings allows you to manage what Axosoft data gets synced to your Google calendar.  Manage Company Settings allows you to set up the default user settings for new users added to your company.  New users will be created with copies of the user settings created in the Manage Company Settings.

Only administrators have access to the Axosoft Account, ybSync Plan, Manage Users, and Manage Company Settings features.

Next Steps


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